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Questions? Look Here!

Unlock the Mysteries of T-Shirts and More! Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page for answers to all your burning queries about our products, 

shipping, returns, and even some hilariously wrong but entertaining FAQs. Get the lowdown on everything you need to know in one convenient spot.

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What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Can I Make Change To My Order?

Why Didn't I Receive A Confirmation Email?

Do You Sell Shirts Wholesale?


How do I return A Shirt I Purchased?

I Don't Love My Purchase, Can I Return Or Exchange It?

How Long Do I Have To Return Or Exchange My Item?

My Item Arrived Damaged or Defective, What Should I Do?

I Received The Wrong Item, Can You Fix This Intergalactic Mix-Up?

Do You Offer Return Labels?

Can I Return Or Exchange My Shirt If I Live In Outer Space?

My New Shirt Smells Like Vinegar. Is That Normal?

 Product & Sizing

For the perfect fit that won't leave you feeling like a mismatched sock, 

here's our foolproof measuring guide?

What on earth are StupidShirts concocted from, and will they cling 

to you like a koala on caffeine?

Fruit Of The Loom - Men's T-Shirt Size Guide

Do You Sell Shirts Wholesale?


What Shipping Methods Are Available and How Much Do They Cost?

How Do I Track My Package?

Do You Ship Internationally?

Attention International Buyers:

Do You Ship to APO / FPO Addresses?

Remember, these FAQs are purely for humor and not meant to be taken seriously. Enjoy the laughs!

Do Your T-Shirts Grant Superpowers?

Can I Use Your T-Shirts as a Parachute Replacement?

Will Wearing Your T-Shirts Make Me Fluent in Alien Languages?

Are Your T-Shirts Made from Unicorn Fur?